Monday, April 25, 2011

On unusual - funny prose short stories

New Funny prose short story , read short funny stories in our blog. this one from collection of prose ,funny short stories for forensics , and other ... be whith us 

At 6 am, it seemed a normal day, had breakfast, Changed my clothes,Nothing else, it's so boring but this is life. In that morning I woke up earlier, I don't know why. I went out for no reason. Looking at the view everything looked so beautiful,  The sun was just about springing from behind the hill. The sky looked amezing. I felt so much warmth in my heart. I started to run. Like I was running away from my life, from my destiny. I heard something strange. I stopped. I went down close to the river. It was nothing. Then, I saw something like a box, a green box. It looked old and dirty. I took the box and opened it. A book, a golden book was inside. I opened the book. On the first page was written only one paragraph. " Here is your secret way to happiness" Then: " Go to Florence street, no 10, you'll have a big surprise" . On the page 2 was an image with a big bouquet of tulipes. On the page 3 was written: " Don't ever look back when you find your happiness. Life is a way full of obstacles, difficulties and surprises. Don't ever give up to try, to fight, to love" . It was also a kind of receipt with number 101010. For a moment I thought that I was dreaming. Then I smiled " what a funny thing, I get to go to work" . I went back home, I drunk my cofee, I took the car and went to the office. But I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened to me in the morning. Jane, my colleague said that I'm crazy " You need a few days off" When I was alone, I took the book from my bag and read every word again. I stared at that receipt. What for can be? I checked on the information if there is a Florence street. And surprise, there is a Florence street. I decided to go there " I'll just watch from outside" . When I was there, I couldn't help it. An imposing house, very old but so beatiful. The magnolias and the flowers were spreading a dazzling smell all around the house. I went on inside. The garden looked like a paradise. And the surprise was that was almost full with tulipes of all colours. After a few moments a man came out from the house. He was surprised to see me there. A tall man with black hair, black eyes. He looked educated and polite. " Can I help you? " " You have a beautiful house and a lovely garden" " I beg you pardon? " Then he saw the receipt in my hand " O... you came for the necklace, come on in " He took the receipt from my hand and we went in a big parlour. " I was waiting for you, here it is" He gave me a necklace, a emeralds necklace. " It's yours now" he said " By the way I'm Jack Stevens" " I'm Elene Parker" " You drink cofee? " We stood there talking for hours. It was just like a dream. In the evening when I came back home I found a big bouquet of tulipes with a note " See you tomorrow" That was the strangest day of my lifebut it brought me my happiness. Jack and I will get married. I think I loved him from the very first moment when I met his eyes. I still have the book. O, it belonged to Mr Daniel Stevens, Jack's grandfather. The necklace belonged to his wife. He wanted to make a surprise to a stranger. He was so sure that it'll bring happiness to someone just like it brought to him and his wife. One day Jack will do the same. Another box, hiden somewhere with a receipt inside and so on...