Saturday, January 7, 2012

Three romantic poems





The day you were born, the whole world was blessed
These thoughts in my mind to you I must confess

The time has come for me to express my true feelings
You are the center of my thoughts and the essence of my being

What you have brought me I never thought I could procure
The gift of comfort, with you I am secure

For you have lifted me up from a life filled with sorrow
And made me realize there is always a better tomorrow

It amazes me how someone can make me feel this way
I love you more and more with each passing day

You brighten my days and lift my spirits
I have felt this for so long and now want you to hear it

So you may know the place you hold in my heart
You are always with me even when we're apart

I truly believe what we have is meant to be
Just open your heart and soon you shall see

What I am willing to do to keep a smile on your face
Just know that I'm here and will be always

You Hold The Key To My Heart

By Cami Surrett
As we lie beneath the stars,
We wonder who we really are,
I wonder what you see in me,
We'll fall asleep beneath the trees.

Run your fingers through my hair,
Show me that you truly care,
Day by day, and night by night,
When I'm with you I have no fright.

The day you told you loved me,
That's when I gave you the key,
To my heart, soul and mind,
I'm glad to know that you're all mine.

I want it to last forever,
To know that we'll always be together,
Feel no pain or sadness dear,
I want you to always be near.

In every hug and every kiss,
When I'm with you I feel true love exists.
Hold me close and never let me go,
Don't let me fall amidst the shadow.

For I am yours, forever it may be,
I am yours for all eternity.
I mean it all; all I've said,
Without you, a part of me is dead.

The Beginning of Love. 

by Andrew Tu'akoi 

I have traveled far and deep
to gain the affection of Love

I prayed with an open heart
seeking guidance from Above

I have been deceived, hurt and
manipulated a multiple times

To toy with one persons emotions,
defines an unspeakable crime

That power you can give over to someone,
to trust and to believe

Can destroy you as a whole
when they turn around to leave

But love is a value obtained
through a series of pain

True love is when you make it through
the struggle and
your relationship maintains
A bond like no other

Your soul strives for her connection
Fully aware of the world but
to give her your only attention

I have finally found love, and
made an endless commitment

To love her forever and eternity
to forever share every Moment

I was blinded, looking for love in
every wrong direction

When love has grown inside of me
like an incurable infection

This is my beginning
to a new found definition of Love

It's a feeling that i enjoy and
I can't get enough :)



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