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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dreams of Love -love and romantic poems

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Only a dream
I'm dancing in a dream
On a wide green meadow
I'm sitting under a tree
In a great big wood
There comes my prince
On his white horse to safe me
But then I wake up
And it was only a dream


This bird
This bird can't sing
This bird does not fly
So why is it there?
I don't know why


Home is...
Home is
Where your heart is
And mine is
Far away
Please bring it
Back to me
When you return
Into my arms
Home is
Where your heart is
And mine is
Always with you


Summer rain
I'm dancing in the rain
And keep on singing
I'm getting wet
But that's ok
It's so lovely to dance
In a warm summer rain


I’m dreaming
I'm dreaming of a journey
Far, far away
Where my dreams lift me up
So I can touch the sky
Where nobody is sad
And all are glad
To be alive
Where somebody waits for me
And I can be
Only myself and nobody else


I can love
I'm not pretty
And I'm not rich
But I can love you
I stay with you
Forever and more
And love you till the end
I hope we go to
Heaven as one
And stay there for a while


How can you feel alone?
In the middle of so many people
How can you feel not loved?
When you know people who love you
How can you cry?
When nobody hurt you
How can you move on?
When you have no reason
How can you be sad?
When he was only a dream


The scent of lilac
Drifts over to me
And mingles with sunshine
In my head
It lets me remember
The time we had
Before you left me
Before you were gone

Thes is poems
By Julia Averbeck

Smashwords Edition

Copyright June 2011, Julia Averbeck


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