Saturday, July 2, 2011

the Fear -love stories

Sometimes fear comes with love, in many of the stories of love one feels intimidated or both lovers love another world, has special feelings , Let's read the new short story about love .
The teacher asked the pupils what is the fear, the answer was mostly either the fear of kidnapping or death...etc
She wanted to hear from someone new and hence, asked the kid that never speaks at the back of the class to To say what is the fear ?
He said,
Sometimes when I lie in bed at night while my father is off fighting fires somewhere, I'm afraid that the floor above him will cave in and I'll never get to see my daddy again.
I'm also afraid when my mom is off bartending late into the night that a man will assault her and she won't be the same mommy I once new.
I'm also afraid that my baby sister will roll over while she's sleeping and suffocate herself.
I lie in bed thinking about this stuff every night.
That's why I don't get annoyed when my baby sister cries in the middle of the night or when I see headlights in the driveway at twelve o'clock meaning my mom is home late or when my dad calls at eleven because he forgot to say goodnight to me my mom and sister.
On top of anything else, that is my biggest fear."
When he finished reading his journal he looked up to see all of his classmates with tears in their eyes. He smiled and said,
Well... what did you expect?


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