Monday, February 28, 2011

funny high school story - free short stories

This new short funny story in high school , read more stories ( high school stories , funny stories , love stories , free short stories , kids short stories .... etc )

When I was in high school, worked in a pizza delivery place,, it was every month, not weekly...........
 I remember that our class T-shirt my senior year was supposed to be "Absolut seniors" (Yea, I know, hush). Well that apparently didn't go over too well with the PTA, ya know, having a Vodka bottle on a high school shirt and all. So we changed the shirt to plain black and white with all text talking about how we were "being kept down by the man" and that school authorities were "an oppressive force that are unable to be reckoned with"

I still laugh my ass off to this day about some of the things we did as a class in high school.


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