Monday, February 21, 2011

taking a chance - short stories about love

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taking a chance - short love story

I started using my space of about two years, in fact, did not agree to the all demands of friendship  ... But there is a closer friend to me
One evening when I was logged on, a chat request came through from a very cute looking guy and we started talking. At first, I thought nothing of it as I was involved with another guy and I was hoping to meet him.
Anyway, I had a great time with this guy who was from Africa and we chatted most evenings on msn. I knew he felt something more than friends and I did think maybe I could feel something for him too as we were becoming very close. We had a few lovely conversations on the phone too, but it was too expensive for me and him. I did wish we could take our relationship to another level but the distance and lack of money to travel made it all seem hopeless.
During that period, I had to work long hours and I didnt get to go online as much and we lost touch even though I still very much liked him and cared deeply about him. One evening about 6 months later he informed me that we wouldnt be able to chat anymore because he had found a girl and they had been chatting for some months. I was very upset but I wished him well. I never forgot him and would always ask how it was going with her if we were both online.
Then facebook came along and I spent more time on that than myspace. He requested me on there and about a year later, we start communicating again. The girl had found another boyfriend, but by then, I also had a boyfriend!
I don't remember exactly when we got so close again, but it was when my boyfriend proposed to me that I suddenly realised that I couldnt marry anyone due to my feelings for M. I had to call him and tell him. He said how jealous he had been when he saw my relationship status, he said he still loved me and that he wanted us to meet to see if there would ever be any way that we could be together.
This was a month ago. I am torn between him and my boyfriend of a year. M has a great job there and is ready to settle down and start a family. I am not happy where I am or with my boyfriend. I love M even though we have never met. Our phone bills are huge. I have to fight everyday not to just pick up the phone and call him. An hour on the phone is so expensive and anything less, its impossible to hang up. He calls me when he cant stand it any longer. We sms many times a day. I'm willing to take a chance on him even though we have never met. My friends think I'm crazy.


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