Tuesday, January 17, 2012

angel of heaven - love stories

Continued with us more stories of love and romance, as well as the finest poems of love and romance, with children's stories, true stories
angel of heaven - love stories 
by Hira 

Come go,
We all follow.
As drams fill you in their thoughts, you gaze over hills and valleys to find me.
You left me and thought I‘ll be fine;
But now that I’m lost and nowhere to be found.
You; search high and low, over here and there until…
You corner me in a corner.
Dreaming again about the fun and pleasure
We shared, I run to you and you hold me against you never to let go again.
Once, twice, my heart stops beating.
I fall and die, never being able to complete that life.
You yell and cry, as the tears run down from your eyes.
I watch you from high, because that’s…
Where I am.
You try to wake me, tell me that you love me!
But I’m gone; it’s the hard truth.
Now, as everyone followed,
They all saw, what two people could always lose.
Friendship or love their pretty much the same.
If not valued, they can do the same.
Now, as you hold me and cry, I wanna tell you
That I’ll be fine.
You wish you breathed your last too,
As someone comes behind you.
You turn your heard and see the most prettiest women before.
But as loyal as you were, you gave me one last look at me;
And, laid me there on the ground.
You stood and held her in your arms, forgotten all about me in seconds.
I stare as tears well up,
I feel a hand on my shoulder.
He’s handsome and tall, with wings
That covers up everything.
He holds out his hands waiting for me to accept;
I look back at you holding her again.
I’m loyal and I’ll always will be, I turn back to him and tell him I’m sorry.
He’s hurt, but understands, but says, “one day you’ll be finally gone too”
He flies away, leaving ma alone, as I
Stare back at you.
Being loyal is important no matter how long it will take for you and I and everyone else to follow


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