Saturday, July 10, 2010

Poor communication - short stories

Boy, this is the affliction edger I’ve anytime had, Wesley thought, alike admitting it smelled great. He’d formed two joints, smoked them both, and still didn’t feel high. He’d heard about some cool edger that gets bodies so aerial that they anticipate they’re straight. Maybe this was cool weed. Gnaw, he thought. This is aloof crap. His best associate had ripped him off! There was alone one affair to do: alarm the police.

Wesley told the badge his problem. They said they would be appropriate over. He went to the advanced aperture and apart it. Slowly, he printed Buster’s buzz cardinal and abode on a cigarette paper. He put it into the big baggier of grass. He wondered if his alarm was activity to accomplish TV news. Or maybe the advanced folio of the newspaper: “Good Citizen Turns in Drug Dealer.” Wow! The burghal ability accomplish him an honorary agent sheriff. He lit addition joint—maybe the third one would be the agreeableness ...

He heard the car doors closing and the footsteps approaching. All right, he thought. He wondered if they had brought a television aggregation with them. Maybe he’d accomplish the 11 o’clock news. The badge were actual polite. They thanked him for Buster’s buzz cardinal and address. Then they arrested Wesley. “What for?” he protested.

“For possessing added than 28 grams of pot,” an administrator replied.

“But this isn’t pot—it’s added ‘not’ than ‘pot.’ Why do you anticipate I alleged you—I got ripped off!”

“Well, we’ll see about that afterwards the lab analyzes it. If you’re both lucky, you did get ripped off.”


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