Tuesday, August 3, 2010

24 MISS MARPLE - Agatha Christie - short stories

"'Don't do it, dear,' protested Lady Mannering. 'You gix us the creeps, you really do.' "Haydon sprang forward towards her. "'My God, Diana!' he cried. 'You are wonderful.' "My eyes were accustomed to the moonlight now and could see more plainly. She did, indeed, as Violet had said, look quite different. Her face was more definitely oriental, and her eyes more of slits with something cruel in their gleam, and the strange smile on her lips was one that I had never seen there before. "'Beware,' she cried warningly. 'Do not approach the Goddess. If anyone lays a hand on me it is death.' "'You are wonderful, Diana,' cried Haydon, 'but do it. Somehow or other I--I don't like it.' "He was moving towards her across the grass and flung out a hand towards him. "'Stop,' she cried. 'One step nearer and I will smite y with thc magic of Astarte.' "Richard Haydon laughed and quickened his pace, all at once a curious thing happened. He hesitated for a ment, then seemed to stumble and fall headlong. "He did not get up again, but lay where he had fallcl prone on the ground. "Suddenly Diana began to laugh hysterically. It was strange horrible sound breaking the silence of the glade. "With an oath Elliot sprang forward. "'I can't stand this,' he cried, 'get up, Dick, get up, man.' "But still Richard Haydon lay where he had fallen. Elliot Haydon reached his side, knelt by him and turned him gently over. He bent over him, peering in his face. "Then he rose sharply to his feet and stood swaying a little. "'Doctor,' he said. 'Doctor, for God's sake come. think he is dead.'


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