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Galactic Zoo - free short stories

Brandon Smith was just your average regular guy. He worked in a nearby plant from his house and loved his job. He lived alone having never really becoming interested in ever getting married. There was nothing particularly extraordinary about his life, at least not yet. One night in the middle of April, Brandon had gone to bed exhausted after a long thy of work in the plant. He climbed into his bed after a hot shower and drifted away to dreamland. Later that night, he was awakened by a super intense light coming into his room from all of the spaces around the doors of his house and the pulled down shades of his windows. It was much brighter than the sun and if the doors and blinds had not been closed, he would have certainly been at least temporarily blinded. A loud reverberating throbbing noise shook his little house in the country. Brandon jumped from his bed and quickly headed for his gun cabinet in attempts to grab a shotgun, but was stopped in his tracks by a strange unseen force. He was paralyzed in mid stride and could not escape. Unable to move and in great fear, Brandon slowly began t float above the floor in his bedroom. He floated right out of his bedroom and over to the front door of his house. Suddenly the front door flew off its hinges and the intense light poured in surrounding him completely. The light was so bright it overloaded Brandon’s eyes and neural pathways knocking him unconscious. The next thing Brandon was able to remember was being strapped to a large metal table with no clothes on. The straps were constructed of a material that Brandon had never seen before. While it was soft and did not hurt his wrists, it was incredibly strong. With all his might he tried to break the straps from the table but he was unsuccessful. Helpless and naked, Brandon looked around the small room that he was held prisoner in. The walls consisted of a gray metal, but they did not appear to be steel in construction. There was a small round table sitting next to him with an array of shiny metal instruments laid out on a velvety red cloth. A small metal pan with a thick clear liquid inside that had been tinged pink with blood was sitting next to the instruments. Several of the instruments also had fresh blood on them. Brandon began to worry that the strange instruments had been used on him while he had slept. No part of his body really hurt, but then he could not readily examine himself while he was tied down. The wall across the room emitted a low hum and opened with a swiftness that startled Brandon. A large being that was about eight feet tall strolled into the room. It was wearing a thick black hooded robe that effectively concealed much of the creature’s body. From what Brandon was able to see, the creature had a bright yellow complexion and a rather triangular shaped lower face. It had two arms and was similarly shaped to a humanoid-like appearance, but Brandon was unable to tell what the remainder of the creature looked like. The strange being rapidly and gracefully flowed across the floor and came to his side. Giant yellow six fingered hands appeared out of the annholes in its robe and reached for one of the instruments. It was a large syringe-like object with a strange shaped large needle sticking out of the end. The creature then pulled out a pea sized black pellet out of a small case and placed it into the end of the needle. Brandon knew what was going to happen next and he began to scream loudly in attempts to frighten the being away. Unaffected by the screams, the creature pressed a button on the side of the table and a blue light engulfed Brandon on the table. The light had an incredible calming effect on him and he stopped screaming almost immediately. In fact, he began to smile a bit. The strange blue light made Brandon feel great. The creature proceeded to push the needle into the back of Brandon’s neck while he pointed it up slightly so he could place the pellet into the cranial cavity. Brandon continued to feel nothing as he lay there with a dazed smirk on his face. He did not care what the being did to him as long as the blue light was not turned off The creature finished the operation and resealed his neck with another one of the strange instruments. One could not even tell that an incision was ever made. The being then turned off the blue light and walked out of the hole in the wall that it had come through earlier. It closed with the same swiftness as it had opened and Brandon was again alone. He could vaguely remember what had just happened, but the blue light had fogged his memory. Nevertheless the back of his neck did not hurt in any manner. Brandon was very tired from struggling and began to drift off to sleep. He could not sleep well since he was still strapped to the strange table. Later he woke when the weird wall door opened again. This time several of the yellow robed creatures came into the room. They turned on the blue light that he liked and Brandon began to smile again. They unrestrained him and transferred him to a floating platform stretcher. The blue light followed him to his new location. He happily complied with the creature’s demands. They strapped him to the new platform and turned off the light. Brandon was afraid of what was to become of him now. The creatures guided the floating platform out of the room and through a maze of giant hallways. Eventually, they exited the large triangular shaped ship that they had been on and that was hovering above the red ground. A large city of strange triangle shaped buildings greeted Brandon as he was helplessly floated around by his captors. They guided him around a few blocks of the strange city until they came to a large arch of gray metal. Strange words were written on the arch that was undecipherable by Brandon. He was floated under the strange arch and into a park-like area with lots of weird plants. There were many giant half domes of metal with the face appearing to be open on all of them. Each dome had a different species of alien creatures in them. Many of the creatures were very strange indeed. It appeared to Brandon to be some sort of intergalactic zoo. The platform slowed as they approached one of the domes and the blue light came on Brandon again. Freeing him, the creatures pushed Brandon into one of the cages and pressed a code into the keypad on the wall. A thin green beam zipped around the entrance t the dome sealing it with an unseen force field. The blue light turned off shortly after that and freed Brandon from its effects. He looked around in his new environment. The walls of the dome were made of the same gray metal as the ship was. He touched the force field almost anticipating being shocked. A green ripple of light circled his fingers and spread out in an ever expanding round pattern as if he had dropped a stone in a calm lake. It did not shock him as he expected, but it was indeed solid as steel. Many of the beings had gathered outside of the cage of sorts and were staring at Brandon with awe. This made him feel like a caged animal in a zoo. Unfortunately, it appeared that he did not have much of a choice in the matter. A search of the prison revealed a small room on the back wall with a door. It had a bed of sorts and a pool of babbling running water for bathing. He immediately noticed that there was a beautiful redhead lying under a cover on the bed. Fortunately, she was just as human a Brandon was. He guessed her age to be about 25 years old. She was naked as well. Brandon looked around the room for something to cover himself with before waking the young woman up. He found another blanket on a nearby shelf and wrapped himself up in it. He quietly kneeled down next to her and gave her a gentile nudge. She slowly woke from her nap and jumped up in fear once she realized someone was in her cage with her. She backed into the corner with her blanket covering her body as best as she could. Once she realized that Brandon was human, she began to smile. “You’re human,” she said with a beautiful voice. “Yes, I am glad to see another human myself Where are we?” “I don’t know. I have been here by myself for several months now. At least I have someone to keep me company now.” “Months... Great,” Brandon sighed, “There is no way out of this place?” She looked down and said in a quiet voice, “Not that I can find. They are much smarter than we humans are. There is not much we can do about it. I go out, walk around my cage, and show myself off to the beings all the time. I have kinda gotten used to the idea of being in a zoo. All of my needs are taken care of They give me food, water, and a place to stay. I didn’t have to worry about clothes because there were no other humans around before. My cage is heated to a comfortable temperature and I can do whatever I want here. I like the attention they give me and put on shows for them. It is really not that bad here.” The woman checked out Brandon with a sexy look on her face. He knew what she wanted when he saw that look. Perhaps it would not be so bad living in a cage with this woman. After all, she was incredibly gorgeous. The two sat and talked for hours and exchanged information about each other and what they used to be before their abduction when they were on their home planet. The woman turned out to have come from a town in a nearby state to Brandon’s back on Earth. The same thing happened to her, as did Brandon. She was taken from her bed and placed into the zoo. Brandon searched the cage for a few weeks attempting to escape. Finally, he realized that even if he did escape he would not be able to go home. He was millions of light years away from earth. Eventually, he fell in love with the beautiful red head and had several children with her. The aliens treated the family well and cared for all their physical needs. Brandon lived to a ripe old age and loved his wife and fitmily forever.


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