Wednesday, August 4, 2010

42- MISS MARPLE - Agatha Christie - short stories

"Inspector Badgworth was very interested. "'Depend upon it that is where the stuff has been hidden,' he cried. 'Somehow or other it has been salvaged from the wreck and has been stored in some lonely cave somewhere. It is known that we have searched all the caves in Smugglers' Cove, and that we are now going farther afield, and they have evidently been moving the stuff at night to a cave that has been already searched and is not likely to be searched again. Unfortunately they have had at least eighteen hours to dispose of the stuff. If they got Mr. Newman last night I doubt if we will find any of it there by now.' "The inspector hurried off to make a search. He found definite evidence that the bullion had been stored as supposed, but the gold had been once more removed, and there was no clue as to its fresh hiding-place. "One clue there was, however, and the inspector himself pointed it out to me the following morning. "'That lane is very little used by motor vehicles,' he said, 'and in one or two places we get the traces of the tyres very clearly. There is a three-cornered piece out of one tyre, leaving a mark which is quite unmistakable. It shows going into the gate; here and there is a faint mark of it going out of the other gate, so there is not much doubt that it is the right vehicle we are after. Now, why did they take it out through the farther gate? It seems quite clear to me that that lorry came from the village. Now, there aren't many people who own a lorry in the village--not more than two or three at most. Kelvin, the landlord of the Three Anchors, has one.' "'What was Kelvin's original profession?' asked Newman. "'It is curious that you should ask me that, Mr. Newman. In his younger days Kelvin was a professional diver.' "Newman and I looked at each other. The puzzle seemed to be fitting itself together piece by piece. To download complete stories


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