Tuesday, August 3, 2010

THE IDOL HOUSE OF ASTARTE 25 - Agatha Christie - short stories

"Symonds ran forward and Elliot rejoined us walking very slowly. He was looking down at his hands in a way I didn't understand. "At that moment there was a wild scream from Diana. "'I have killed him,' she cried. 'Oh, my God! I didn't mean to, but I have killed him.' "And she fainted dead away, falling in a crumpled heap on the grass. "There was a cry from Mrs. Rogers. "'Oh, do let us get away from this dreadful place,' she wailed, 'anything might happen to us here. Oh, it's awful!' "Elliot got hold of me by the shoulder. "'It can't be, man,' he murmured. 'I tell you it can't be. A man cannot be killed like that. It is--it's against Nature.' "I tried to soothe him. "'There is some explanation,' I said. 'Your cousin must have had some unsuspected weakness of the heart. The shock and excitement--' "He interrupted me. "'You don't understand,' he said. He held up his hands for me to see and I noticed a red stain on them. "'Dick didn't die of shock, he was stabbed--stabbed to the heart, and there is no weapon.' "I stared at him incredulously. At that moment Symonds rose from his examination of the body and came towards us. He was pale and shaking all over. ' "'Are we all mad?' he said. 'What is this place--that things like this can happen in it?' "'Then it is true,' I said. "He nodded. "'The wound is such as would be made by a long thin dagger, but--there is no dagger there.' "We all looked at each other. "'But it must be there,' cried Elliot Haydon. 'It must


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