Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fatboy the Destroyer - free short stories

The year was 943 when a large framed woman named Sonya almost died while giving birth to a rather giant baby boy. He was born in England and was, unfortunately, not of royal birth. For all of his young life he was considered big for his age. His parents, though commoners, did their best to feed their son well. By the time their son was 18 years old, he was head and shoulders above even the largest man in the kingdom. His massive gut hung over his belt-line making him appear to be somewhat fat, although he was mostly constructed of muscles. He was ethsted into the good king’s army and trained not with a sword, as one would expect, but the mighty war hammer. He was so feared while in training that few challenged him to spar for fear of their lives. The giant war hammer was tremendously destructive in his massive hands. He quicldy earned the name of ‘Fatboy the Destroyer’. Fatboy had developed over time some rather impressive leadership qualities. Consequently, he quickly rose in rank among his fellow soldiers. Eventually, he became their leader and the captain of the king’s guard. For many years, all was peaceful in the land and there was no war to be heard of This, however, was about to change rather unexpectedly. Barbaric invaders had been building in large numbers on the northernmost border of the kingdom. There was a great collaborator among these usually nomadic tribes and his name was Rolar the Barbarian. He was also a rather large man, but he was not as giant as Fatboy was. The king promptly sent forth spies to their ranks to report whether the barbarians had crossed the border yet, while sending Fatboy the Destroyer and his army just behind the foothills to wait in ambush for the invaders. The spies reported back to their king with great speed that the barbarian army was much greater than they had anticipated. Many thousands of barbarians had banded together under their new leader Rolar and had vowed to take over his kingdom by force. According to the spies, Rolar was waiting for one more group of his barbarians to return to their camp before they pounced on the king’s castle. The group was expected to join the main barbarian army within a thy. The king knew he had to act quickly for much was at stake. He sent his fastest messenger to tell Fatboy the Destroyer and his men to attack at once to try and catch the barbarian army by surprise. The messenger ran with all of his speed and the message in hand. Fatboy got the orders just in time to catch the unsuspecting barbarians off guard. It was early in the morning when the battle took place. The enemy, though attacked unexpectedly, was still able to quickly jump into action and ready themselves as the alert was sounded throughout their encampment. Fatboy and his men killed many of the men in Rolar’s army in the first half-hour, but they were vastly outnumbered and were quickly surrounded. He knew he had trained his men well and they would not desert him under any circumstance. They were a brave army and would fight to the death if necessary to protect Fatboy and their noble king. Fatboy had just finished crushing the skull of one of the barbarians with a powerful blow from his massive war hammer when Rolar shouted his name loudly from across the battlefield. Instantly, the two mighty warriors headed for each other as their anger began to flow. The battle around them seemed to fade into the background as the two leaders locked themselves into a fierce fight. Rolar the barbarian was armed with a rather large broadsword that was highly polished and dripping with a soldier’s spilt blood. He lifted the giant blade and swung with all his might at the great Fatboy. Quickly, Fatboy blocked his adversary’s attack by deflecting the blade with his war hammer. Another quick but low swing crushed the foot of the barbarian leader causing him to scream in pain as he fell to his knees before Fatboy. Thinking he had won the fight, Fatboy did not immediately attack the barbarian again, as he should have. Although Rolar was badly injured from the blow, he would not give up so easily. He swung his deadly giant sword and sunk it deep into Fatboy’s thigh. His red blood sprayed the face of Rolar and invigorated his spirit. The wounded barbarian slowly stood to his feet while being careful not to put to much weight on his badly broken foot. Fatboy was bleeding profusely from the wound and began to feel weak from a lack of blood. He could not allow this evil barbarian to take over the kingdom he had worked so hard to protect. Once again, Fathoy swung the massive war hammer with his last ounce of strength and connected with a solid blow to Rolar’ s head. The dazed barbarian looked like a drunken man walking from a tavern as he spun off balance and toppled down to the earth. He was bleeding from his ears and his eyes were crossed. Then Fatboy almost fell down from the blood loss of his own wound. He knew he had to finish the job or the barbarian would certainly return. Rolar was trying to regain his composure and get back up onto his feet, but at the time was only crawling on his hands and knees. Fatboy quicldy stmck the barbarian’s head with a mighty upward directed swing and sent his head flying backwards with his body following suit. Rolar’ s face was cmshed badly from the attack and he did not get up this time. Finally, Fatboy had defeated the enemy’s leader once and for all. When the word had spread that the mighty Rolar the Barbarian had been killed by Fatboy himself, the barbarian army began to scatter from the battlefield in fear. After a short while, Fatboy and his men had rid the area of all of the barbarians. The king’s army cheered for their victory and marched back to the king’s castle with pride in their hearts. Fatboy was given the badly needed medical attention required to stop his blood loss and allow him to live. In celebration of his victory, the king held a massive feast. In fact, the king honored Fatboy with an annual festival as celebration named after him. He called it the Fatboy Festival and many generations later the kingdom still had the celebration every year. There was never born again another man as great as he was. The memory of the king’s victory lived on for hundreds of years by word of mouth and nobody ever forgot about the legendary Fatboy the Destroyer.


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