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Schmackentrod’s Party - free short stories

Julie was by fir the most popular girl in Jefferson High School. She was a senior this year and always was the leader of the ‘in’ crowd. She usually had a small pack of her cool friends following her around in school. Unfortunately, since she spent most of her time being popular, she had no time left to go to church. This allowed a rather massive demon named Schmackentrod to attach himself to her soul. He followed Julie everywhere she went in the world and whispered demonic influences into her mind in attempts to sway her to Satan. Just as Julie was the leader of her little human group, Schmackentrod was the leader of his pack of smaller demons. Schmackentrod was assigned by Satan himself to influence Julie in her ways and eventually send her soul to the flaming pits of hell. He was also told to try to influence all of those around her to sin as much as possible. He used his minions to help him out in this area, as most of his time was spent concentrating on Julie’s soul. Many of the smaller demons that followed their leader were assigned to learn effective influencing strategies until they grew to sufficient size to attach on to their own humans. Once they grew strong enough under their leader to withstand attacks from the other side, they attached themselves to Julie’s ffiend’s souls to attempt to influence them. Schmackentrod had cunningly convinced Julie to throw a party this weekend since her parents would be out of town. Julie’s friends, delighted with her announcement of the party, each weighed the consequences in their minds of going to the party and having fun with the trouble they would be in if they were caught. As each of them wondered whether they should attend or stay home, the demons jumped into action and followed her friends. The smaller demons spoke into the minds of Julie’s ffiends convincing many of them to lie to their parents about the party. Schmackentrod grinned evilly as his plan slowly came to fruition. The high school children planned to obtain plenty of alcohol for the party at the demon’s suggestions. Unfortunately, most of Julie’s ffiends had hung around her for so long that they too had little influence of good in their lives and there was little the other side could do to help them. It was just not cool to be good and be in Julie’s clique. Without the soul’s willingness to want to be good. Satan’s strength is a great barrier. There were others, though, that were not nearly as popular as Julie was. Angels, majestic in their glory, followed these kids around all the time protecting them from evil. They attended church regularly and prayed often, increasing the power of God in their lives. Jim, the president of the bible club, was sort of their leader. He had a strong accompaniment of angels following him all the time. Occasionally, one of the demons would foolishly attempt to attach itself to him, but would always be quickly slain by one of the angels. Jim heard through the grapevine about the party that Julie was going to throw and decided to hold an emergency meeting of his club. “We all must pray... Julie is planning one of her crazy parties again. There is always a lot of drinking at her events and probably a little fornication as well. God can make a difference. Let’s pray for these poor deceived souls,” Jim begged his club for their cooperation at lunchtime. They all joined hands and bowed their heads in prayer. As they began, the heavens opened up and many more angels appeared around them as backup to strengthen their souls. God had heard their prayers and had set his own plan into motion to counteract Satan’s. The mightiest angel of all came down with a plan formulated to defeat Schmackentrod once and for all. It was the Archangel Gabriel himself He had an ethereal scroll with an assignment from God written on it. Unbeknownst to the humans, in the midst of the Bible club meeting, the angels had their own meeting. Gabriel explained to all of his angel warriors that God wanted them to convince a purchasing agent in a ffir off city to buy a large order from a salesman on the thy of the party. None of the angels could figure our why God would want that to happen, but they knew his plan would work. They all knew better than to question the orders of the wise one as they divided and left for the far off city. Finally, the thy of the party came and the angels surrounded the executive behind the desk as the salesman threw his pitch. They whispered in his ear to attempt to make him buy. In addition, the angels told the salesman from ZM Manufii.cturing exactly what to say. It was one of the best pitches the salesman had ever done. The purchasing agent signed the contract and closed the deal with the ZM representative. Meanwhile, Julie’s parents had finished packing to go out of town for a few days. Julie’s father was also a salesman. In fact, he was a competitor with ZM Manufacturing. His boss had set up a sales meeting with the same purchasing agent in the same far off city. A hotel room had been set up since it was just over an eight-hour drive. Julie’s father had decided to bring his wife along and make it into a small vacation after the meeting. They kissed their daughter goodbye, fooled by her supposed innocence, and left in their car for the hotel. Finally, Julie was free and could have a great party without her parents there to bother her. Schmackentrod and his minions cheered at their apparent success. Julie’s parents were four hours into their trip before her father’s cell phone rang. It was his boss. The trip was cancelled because the purchasing agent went with a competitor. Julie’s parents tdked about continuing on with their planned mini-vacation, but decided to go back since they would have to pay for the trip themselves. Little did Julie know, her parents were going to pop up unexpectedly in the middle of her little party. There were quite a few kids there when they showed up. Beer cans all over their yard greeted the parents as their anger began to boil over. Even Schmackentrod was caught off guard by the sudden appearance of the parents. Julie’s parents wasted no time and called the sheriffs department to remove all of the drunken high school children wandering around their house. Julie’s dad walked in on his daughter in his own bedroom. She was very drunk and was sleeping with one of her ever-changing boyffiends. Understandably, he was extremely upset with his daughter. After the deputies had arrested many of the kids for underage drinking, Julie’s father had a stem talk with her about her actions. Schmackentrod went to work trying to defend Julie’s party, but it did not work too well. Part of Julie’s punishment was a requirement to go to church with her parents regularly. While formulating the idea, her father was influenced by Gabriel and his angels. Perhaps going to church would straighten Julie out. In fact, after a few months of constant attacks on the demons while she was in church, Schmackentrod was greatly weakened. One Sunday, God saved Julie from etemal damnation and Schmackentrod was cast back to hell as an utter failure. Julie lost all of her friends but gained a savior. With her mind now free from all of the demonic influence she was able to clearly see how silly she acted in the past. She joined the bible club and helped pray for her fellow students just as they had prayed for her. God’s plan was a success and Schmackentrod was never able to penetrate Julie’s soul again. Stinky Pinky Sam picked up the trashcan from the front of the house and quickly dumped it into the back dE’ the tmck with skill. He had been a garbage man for three years and gotten quite efficient at taking out the trash for the people in his town. He had learned to enjoy riding on the back of the truck even though it was sometimes hard work. Sam was often amazed at the things people threw away. Often he would set something of interest aside in the passenger seat of the big truck and bring it home. Today was no different, for he had found an almost brand new teddy bear. It was in remarkable condition and showed little signs of wear. Sam pulled the bear off the top of a trashcan near the lab on his route. When he grabbed it, he got some kind of strange goo on his pinky. It was not on the bear, but was just underneath it. Sam wiped the goo off and put the bear in the cab without further thought. He planned on suiprising his daughter that night after work with the funy stuffed animal. Fortunately, his daughter loved it and Sam was glad he had found the little bear. However, the next day at work his pinky began to itch. Sam had completely forgotten about the weird goo he had touched. At first it was not too bad, itching with the intensity of an ant bite, but later in the thy he could almost not perform his job. He was constantly scratching it witkut end. Sam quickly scratched off the top layer of skin and was scratching his pinky raw. He was in great anguish because he knew he needed to stop scratching to prevent further thmage, but it itched so badly! Finally, the day’s route was over and Sam headed to the drugstore as fast as he could. He immediately bought a tube of anti-itch cream and mbbed it all over his pinky. Relief at last! The itching had finally subsided for the moment. Sam went home and forgot about the troubling itch for the time being. The next day Sam’s pinky did not itch at all. In fact, he could not even feel it any more. Most of his pinky was very red and swollen, but the area where the goo had touched had turned into a strange clear gel. Parts of his pinky had been eaten away and he could see his bones in spots. Sam called in sick and went to the doctor early that morning. The doctor, while well educated in his craft, could not determine an exact diagnosis on what happened to Sam’s pinky. Since he had never seen such an infection, he decided to do some tests to try and determine what it was. The doctor scraped some of the clear gel off of Sam’s finger into a culture dish. After placing a white line of pasty antibiotics on it, the doctor wrapped it in heavy gauze and sent Sam home. The results of the test would take a couple of thys to come back from the lab. Once he arrived at his house, Sam called his work and informed them of his situation. They arranged for someone to take his place on the back of the truck until he was better. Unfortunately, Sam had trouble sleeping that night. He was worried that he might loose his finger because of his crazy infection. The next morning Sam was horrified to find his whole hand was red and swollen and all of his fingers had turned into the clear gel substance. When he lifted his hand off of the bed most of the bones of his fingers stayed on the pillow in a pool of clear goo. Sam flipped out and immediately called his doctor in a panic. Baffled to hear of such a development, his doctor asked that he come in immediately for a reexamination. Sam scooped up the bones of his fingers and most of the gel with a dustpan and got his wife to drive him to the doctor. No results were available yet form the lab but the doctor was very worried. Sam was given several powerful antibiotic shots directly into his reddened and fingerless hand. Assured that these were much stronger antibiotics and that they would easily stop the infection, Sam was sent home wrapped in a bandage again. Sam trusted his doctor, but in the back of his mind he was terrified that the infection would spread even further. Unfortunately, the antibiotics were useless against the unknown disease and the next morning all his wrist bones and his forearm bones were li a pool of gel on his bed. In addition, his upper arm was red and swollen. Immediately, Sam went bezerk and sped to the emergency room. Insisting that they amputate his arm before it was too late, Sam signed the waiver of rights without delay. The E. R. doctor suited up in a space suit looking garb and broke out the bone saw. It buzzed to life after being plugged into the wall by one of the nurses watching. Ten minutes later Sam’s arm hit the E. R. floor with a thud. Fortunately, for Sam, that stopped the infection from continuing its course. Unfortunately, for Sam’s first doctor, the news was not as good. Sam hired a rather expensive lawyer and sued him for not cutting the infection off sooner. Sam won the malpractice suit and received 1.1 niillion dollars for his amputated arm. With his newfound fortune, he never had to play with trash again.


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