Tuesday, August 3, 2010

38- MISS MARPLE - Agatha Christie - short stories

furtive way of avoiding one's glance. I suspected that this was the man of whom Newman had spoken, saying he was an interesting survival. "'We don't want interfering foreigners on this coast,' he said somewhat truculently. "'Meaning the police?' asked Newman, smiling. "'Meaning the police--and others,' said Kelvin significantly. 'And don't you forget it, mister.' "'Do you know, Newman, that sounded to me very like a threat,' I said as we climbed the hill homewards. "My friend laughed. "'Nonsense; I don't do the folk down here any harm.' "I shook my head doubtfully. There was something sinister and uncivilized about Kelvin. I felt that his mind might run in strange, unrecognized channels. "I think I date the beginning of my uneasiness from that moment. I had slept well enough that first night, but the next night my sleep was troubled and broken. Sunday dawned, dark and sullen, with an overcast sky and the threat-enings of thunder in the air. I am always a bad hand at hiding my feelings, and Newman noticed the change in me. "'What is the matter with you, West? You are a bundle of nerves this morning.' "'I don't know,' I confessed, 'but I have got a horrible feeling of foreboding.' "'It's the weather.' "'Yes, perhaps.' "I said no more. In the afternoon we went out in Newman's motor boat, but the rain came on with such vigour that we were glad to return to shore and change into dry clothing. "And that evening my uneasiness increased. Outside the storm howled and roared. Towards ten o'clock thc tempest calmed down. Newman looked out the window. to down load complete story http://www.4shared.com/get/ouTsKRL4/Agatha_Christie-uk-Complete_sh.html


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