Tuesday, August 3, 2010

26 MISS MARPLE - Agatha Christie - short stories

have dropped out. It must be on the ground somewhere. Let us look.' "We peered about vainly on the ground. Violet Manner-ing said suddenly: "'Diana had something in her hand. A kind of dagger. I saw it. I saw it glitter when she threatened him.' "Elliot Haydon shook his head. "'He never even got within three yards of her,' he objected. "Lady Mannering was bending over the prostrate girl on the ground. "'There is nothing in her hand now,' she announced, 'and I can't see anything on the ground. Are you sure you saw it, Violet? I didn't.' "Dr. Symonds came over to the girl. "'We must get her to the house,' he said. 'Rogers, will you help?' "Between us we carried the unconscious girl back to the house. Then we returned and fetched the body of Sir Richard.'' Dr. Pender broke off apologetically and looked round. "One would know better nowadays," he said, "owing to the prevalence of detective fiction. Every street boy knows that a body must be left where it is found. But in these days we had not the same knowledge, and accordingly we carried the body of Richard Haydon back to his bedroom in the square granite house and the butler was dispatched on a bicycle in search of the police--a ride of some twelve miles. "It was then that Elliot Haydon drew me aside. "'Look here,' he said. 'I am going back to the grove. That weapon has got to be found.' "'If there was a weapon,' I said doubtfully. "He seized my arm and shook it fiercely. 'You have got that superstitious stuff into your head. You think his death


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