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The Protector - short stories online

The Boss once again sent his orders to his faithful servant for eternity. An ethereal paper scroll slowly materialized in the mighty angel’s hands. The commands of God slowly appeared on the assignment in a beautiful gold print. Corbin read the words just as soon as they appeared, anxious to do the Lord’s bidding. “Excellent! It is another protection assignment. Those are my favorite types,” he said with a deep excited voice while flexing his massive wings. Corbin loved being an angel for the Lord. He had long lost count of the number of missions he had completed for the Almighty after 2500 or so. Existing outside of time and space had great advantages. For one thing, he would never grow old and his glorified body would never become saggy. In addition, his assignments could be at any location on Earth and at any point in time. With the variety of different missions he was presented with, he never grew old of serving his master. This mission would allow him to visit Gemiany during World War II. He was assigned to protect an American soldier at a particular spot in time and space. The enemy was also aware of what this soldier would do after the war and had targeted his demonic forces to that point in time as well. If the soldier died in the war, his great grandchildren would not be born. One great grandson in particular would be an influential prophet in the earth’s future that would lead thousands of souls to salvation during the tribulation. Corbin’s assignment was to protect the young American soldier at all costs against the attacks of the enemy. The important soldier’s name was Robert Ventre. Corbin liked to get a head start on the enemy and get a feel for the person that he would be protecting. Usually, he would go at least a week ahead of the critical turning point and follow his human, watching his actions. This gave him important tactical information about how the person might react in the situation they would soon be put in. Corbin strapped his massive double-edged sword to his back. The highly polished sword was exquisitely decorated with beautiful gems and was over seven feet long. Of course, Corbin himself stood some twelve feet tall with super strength and a massive wingspan. With his royal weapon in place, he turned and stepped through the multi-dimensional portal of heaven. He spread his wings and soared through time itself Almost instantaneously, he appeared above a battlefield in Germany in the heat of a great battle. He soared down and gently landed near a deep trench that was filled with brave American soldiers. He easily pinpointed Robert from the crowd because he could see his soul directly. While he was walking over to his assignment, several bullets zipped straight through Corbin since he was unaffected by the physical world. Robert was loading his rifle at the bottom of the trench. Long rows of soldiers were firing up at the ground level and had the German force on the other side of the battlefield retreating. Once he had finished loading it he stood up and carefully took aim at a German soldier’s head poking out of the enemy trench. Corbin could tell that Robert was completely exhausted. Unfortunately, this caused his aim to be off and he was not hitting much. Still, the shots hit close enough kicking up a spray of dirt and frightened the German to the next trench back. After several more hours of constant fighting, the gunfire slowed down and finally came to a stop. The Americans had successfully pushed the enemy significantly back. Their leaders granted a well-deserved break to the Americans that were on this battlefield. Robert slumped down with the muddy trench wall to his back and rested. Corbin took this time of safety to scope the area in search of any demons that may have arrived before him. He took flight and circled the area. Fortunately, it was all clear. As usual, the enemy, being disorganized and self destructive, had not planned their attack well. Corbin flew back to Robert’s trench and sat down beside him while he rested. Looking at his quadra-dimensional God watch, Corbin figured that he had six days, two hours, and thirty- seven minutes before the critical time node split would be there. Corbin knew the enemy would probably send a unit of demons to attack within a few hours before the time came. He sat silently with a regal look on his face and watched over Robert while he slept. Many of the troops were sleeping at the time. They were all exhausted from the long battle that they had finally won. Fortunately, Corbin did not ever need to sleep, so he stayed watch to make sure Robert got well rested. Later, orders came via a Lieutenant to the troops. They were to band together with several other groups and take control over a known German base in a few days. The American men were rounded up and gathered into a force of hundreds. They all met at the base of a large hill near the German fortress. Robert was well rested and ready to take the enemy and whatever they were throw at him. All of the men were gung-ho and ready to win the important battle for their country. Corbin knew the node split was rapidly approaching when he noticed several of the smaller variety of demons poking around on top of the hill. He slid his massive sword out of its sheath and sharpened it to a razor’s edge in preparation for the upcoming fight. The demons noticed the massive angel and his mighty sword and disappeared over the hill to warn their leader. Finally, the last group of the American soldiers had arrived and the Major briefed them all on how the attack was to take place. It would begin in a few hours at the break of dawn. When he finished his speech, all the men knew what their mission was and took their positions all around the hill. Corbin spread his powerful wings with his sword in hand and lified himself into the air. He quickly flew over the hill after them but was surprised at the number of demons lying in wait for him. There were several dozen of various sizes and one rather large demon who was obviously the leader. Usually, the enemy does not send so many demons that are so well organized, but this sub-dimensional battle apparently would be particularly important. If the enemy won, thousands of souls would burn in hell forever since the prophet would never be born. The prize was great and Satan must have decided it was important enough to send an overwhelming force of his minions to ensure Robert’s certain death. Corbin had a moment of doubt, not knowing if he could possibly defeat this many demons. Then, almost instantly, his fihith in the Lord’s decision to send him on the mission reassured him that he could do it. Fireballs began to fly through the sub-dimensional space in attempts to knock the mighty Corbin out of the air. The demon leader knew that such a powerful angel would cut deep into his ranks before he could be stopped, so he wanted to kill him as soon as possible. Corbin flew into the midst of the demons and began swinging his sword at the nasty demons. They quickly surrounded him flinging fireballs at him and attempting to jump onto his back. The heavy bladed sword cut deep into many of the demons. They were quickly dropping left and right, some with no heads, others disemboweled. Corbin was able to block many of the fireballs with his sword, but some impacted his holy body causing serious burns in several places. Still, Corbin kept fighting with a never-ending sense of urgency. He knew he could not lose such an important battle. If he lost, the demons would ensure that Robert would have a cloudy mind and would be easily killed by the Germans. Corbin was cutting and slicing his way towards the demon leader. He knew the leader was controlling many of the smaller minions. His death would cause chaos and most of the demons would simply flee from the battle without his control. Eventually, Corbin made it to the large and powerful demon leader. It swung it’s giant flaming siclde attempting to cut off one of Corbin’s wings. Ching! Corbin’s sword swung swiftly and stopped the deadly siclde’s decent just in time. The giant angel quickly swung his sword again and sliced its blade deep into the demon’s shoulder. It screamed in terror as the word of God tore into its evil flesh. Next, the master demon launched a huge fireball into the center of Corbin’s chest in retaliation, sending him flying back several yards and down to the ground clutching his horrible wound. The demon leader slowly approached the downed angel planning on finishing him off for good. Corbin used his sword as a crutch to help himself to his feet just before the demon approached. He mustered up some inner strength and swung the giant sword directly at the demon’s head. Putting up his sickle to block the attack, the demon leader was surprised to see the mighty angel’s sword cut straight through his weapon of evil and lop off his head. Almost immediately the hail of constant fireballs stopped and the remaining demons scattered in all directions. Corbin thought, “What a great battle! Praise God! Victory!” He fell to his knees with most of his energy having been sapped. He began to pray to the Lord for healing. A warm ow from heaven surrounded Corbin’s massive body. He was healed completely of all his wounds from the battle and he jumped up in renewed strength. Quickly, he flew into the air and began to look for Robert. The battle for the base had already begun. Corbin looked at his watch; only 5 minutes until the critical node split. He rushed to Robert who was at the time charging over the enemy held hill. Bullets zipped around him as the Germans tried to pick off the advancing Americans. He quickly jumped in front of Robert and ran along just ahead of him. Then Corbin saw what was going to happen. A soldier in the German bunker had several demons all around him whispering into his mind. The German loaded his weapon and took aim at the center of Robert’s chest. He slowly squeezed the trigger and his rifle cracked to life. Corbin quickly stopped time itself just before the bullet made impact with the center of Robert’s chest. The bullet was frozen in mid-air having been stopped in time. Corbin grabbed the bullet and moved it over a few feet to the right. The demons saw what the angel had done and began cursing him from the bunker. Corbin rushed over to the demons that were in the enemy camp and quickly slew them. He started up time and the critical node split appeared. The correct dimensional path was taken because of Corbin’s intervention. God’s plan worked! Corbin had successfully completed another mission for his Savior. All of heaven rejoiced as the thousands of souls that were saved as a result appeared in eternity. Robert’s great grandson was born in time and space and was a great spiritual warrior in his life leading thousands of souls to God, thus saving them from eternal damnation.


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