Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I2 MISS M A R PLE- Agatha Christie - short stories

"And straight away Miss Clark set to and did in actual fact finish the bowl. So, you see, that knocked our case against the husband to pieces. Asked for an explanation of the words on the blotting book Jones gave one readily enough. The letter, he explained, was in answer to one written from his brother in Australia who had applied to him for money. He had written, pointing out that he was entirely dependent on his wife. When his wife was dead he would have control of money and would assist his brother if possible. He regretted his inability to help but pointed out that there were hundreds and thousands of people in the world in the same unfortunate plight." "And so the case fell to pieces?" said Dr. Pender. "And so the case fell to pieces," said Sir Henry gravely. "We could not take the risk of arresting Jones with nothing to go upon." There was a silence and then Joyce said, "And that is all, is it?" "That is the case as it has stood for the last year. The true solution is now in the hands of Scotland Yard, and in two or three days' time you will probably read of it in the newspa- pers." "The true solution," said Joyce thoughtfully. "I wonder. Let's all think for five minutes and then speak." Raymond West nodded and noted the time on his watch. When the five minutes were up he looked over at Dr. Pender. "Will you speak first?" he said. The old man shook his head. "I confess," he said, "that ! am utterly baffled. I can but think that the husband in some way must be the guilty party, but how he did it I cannot imagine. I can only suggest that he must have given her thc poison in some way that has not yet been discovered, although how in that case it should have come to light after all this time I cannot imagine."


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