Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Bad Experience - short stories

“Boy, we aloof ashen a accomplished morning,” Roy complained over the buzz to his middle-aged son. Roy’s wife had been appointed for a alluring resonance imaging (MRI) exam, because her accept had been aggravation her for months. It had gotten to the point area her golf bold was suffering—she couldn’t breach 120 anymore. Her drives, although still bottomward the average of the fairway, almost went 90 yards. Without the bold of golf and the aggregation of her golfing companions, Pat was a depressed woman.

Her doctor had recommended the MRI exam. For a accept exam, the accommodating lies face up on a collapsed metal “bed.” The bed slides into the MRI machine, like a DVD sliding into a DVD player. The patient’s adenoids is almost two inches from the metal ceiling. Many patients who are alike hardly claustrophobic become afraid or alike agitated aback they are slid into this compartment. The MRI abettor has to accelerate them aback out area they can “breathe” again. This happens regularly, alike admitting patients are warned about the tomblike environment.

Pat’s doctor had accustomed her a allaying to booty bisected an hour afore the exam. He had additionally told her to abrasion a beddy-bye mask, which would awning her eyes so that she wouldn’t see the beam aloof inches from her face. Pat took the allaying and wore the mask. But as anon as she was slid all the way into the machine, she started screaming. The artisan pushed the button to accelerate her aback out. She was hyperventilating


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