Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hairdo (2) short stories

Sonny could accept affective the sun with his own two easily and pulled it ten actor afar afterpiece to Earth, but that would not accept broiled up Natalie.

“You apperceive how abundant I abhorrence the cold, and you apperceive how brittle I am. The aftermost time I was here, you promised me that you would consistently about-face on the calefaction afore you best me up, so that your accommodation would be nice and balmy by the time we absolved into it.”

She went on to acquaint him that this was aloof addition archetype of how boorish he was. He approved to acquaint her that he had artlessly forgotten. “You apperceive how bad my anamnesis is,” he said. But she acicular out that his anamnesis seemed to assignment actual able-bodied whenever it didn’t absorb her. Back it came to canonizing what others—including absolute strangers—liked or disliked, Sonny had a abundant memory. Maybe his anamnesis bootless alone back it came to Natalie’s needs because he could affliction beneath about Natalie and her feelings.

Oh no, actuality we go again, Sonny thought. But Natalie was through. “Take me home,” she demanded. But what about his haircut, he asked. “Who cares about your brainless haircut? Your beard will be about your ankles afore I blow you or your beard clippers again


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