Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bark of the best bites - short stories

A New York Burghal administrator is gluttonous investors for his “No Bark” startup. With abundant advance money, TTY Cobb says, he will be able to ascertain the melodies that, back played, will instantly quiet barking dogs. Because dogs apprehend complete frequencies that bodies cannot hear, the melodies will be exceptional by humans.

“There’s a huge bazaar for this service,” Cobb declared. “There’s about 30 actor dogs in this country, apparently 2 actor appropriate actuality in the city. And what do these dogs adulation to do added than anything? Bark, that’s what! And what do bodies abhorrence added than anything? Barking dogs, that’s what!”

Cobb says that he went to India to abstraction how snake charmers ascendancy the baleful cobra with music. He ample that if they could use music to anticipate a baleful cobra from arresting out at humans, he could use the aforementioned music to anticipate a dog from barking. So he abstruse how to comedy the Punic, the snake charmer’s flute. And he abstruse abounding of the aforementioned tunes that the snake charmers played.

He alternate to New York, area he accomplished the tunes on his dog. At first, his dog artlessly barked forth with the music. After hours of modifying tunes, Cobb apparent one that absolutely acquired his dog to stop barking.

He was jubilant. He had apparent a melody that would shut dogs up. He would be affluent above his wildest dreams! Unfortunately, the melody formed on his dog, but not on his neighbor’s dog. Nor on several added dogs in the neighborhood.

Cobb abstracts that computers will advice him acquisition the appropriate melodies at the appropriate frequencies to shut up any dog on Earth. “My dream, of course,” he said, “is to ascertain one melody that will shut up a accomplished block of barking dogs. That ability rank appropriate up there with the analysis of penicillin!


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