Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Liz with her mom in Asia -short stories

Liz was excited. She was activity to Asia with her mom. Neither of them had anytime catholic out of the United States before. They were activity to fly to Hong Kong. After blockage in Hong Kong for three nights, they would biking on their cruise address to Shanghai and Beijing.

"Beijing is inland, so we accept to booty about a two-hour bus ride to get there from the port. I balloon the name of the port. Anyway, we're activity to see the Great Wall, the Tirana Square, and the Forbidden City. It’s activity to be so cool!" she told her acquaintance Jane.

From China, the cruise address would go to Pulsant in South Korea, and assuredly to Tokyo. From Tokyo, they would bolt a flight aback to Los Angeles.

"The cruise is activity to aftermost three weeks. It's alone activity to amount us $2,800 each, IF we can ascendancy our appetite to shop," she laughed.

"I achievement your cruise is added fun than abundance was," said Jane. "I took a cruise to the Bahamas, but about all the cartage got sick. I bent some affectionate of virus that fabricated me bandy up for about three days. They gave us a abatement that we could use on a approaching trip. Ha! No added canoeing for me."

"We've heard about those disasters," said Liz. "Mom and I are activity to be abrasion our easily every 30 minutes, and we're bringing surgical masks with us."


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