Wednesday, July 7, 2010

$100 Deposit - short stories

The well-dressed, aging woman was arrant her eyes out. She had aloof been fined $100 by the adjudicator because a ages ago her dog fabricated a blend on the advanced backyard of the courthouse.

“I aloof got out of the cab and I leashed Poopsie to the ablaze pole. After I paid the book and gave the disciplinarian a dollar tip, I angry about and saw that Poopsie had fabricated a mess. I didn’t accept any artificial bags, so I said, ‘Well, Poopsie, let’s go home. There’s annihilation I can do about this now.’

“We were aloof starting home back I heard this articulation out of nowhere: ‘Excuse me, ma’am. Is that your dog?’ I angry around. It was an administrator of the law. Well, of course, it was my dog. ‘That dog aloof fabricated an actionable drop on the courthouse lawn. As its owner, it’s your albatross to actuate of that deposit. See the assurance over there? I’m activity to accept to address you a citation.’

“I asked him what assurance he was talking about. He acicular all the way bottomward to the end of the block. One little sign, a block away! How could anyone see that? I couldn’t see that assurance with my best opera glasses. The administrator said that I could action the ticket. He said the adjudicator was a nice old man who endemic four dogs. So I said, ‘OK, acknowledge you, I’ll action the ticket.’

“So back I went to court, I dressed Poopsie up in his prettiest ribbons and fabricated added abiding he did his business first. We were both so excited. I aloof knew the adjudicator and Poopsie would hit it off.

“But do you apperceive what happened back we got inside? They had a altered judge, a adjudicator who is allergic to dogs, and he anon started sniffling, coughing, sneezing, and attractive around. And again he yelled at me to get the dog out of the courtroom. He fined me $100 on the way out after alike giving me a adventitious to allocution about Poopsie’s abiding dyspepsia. It was terrible! I’m still upset.”


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