Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What women need - short stories

Wally asked Banta how her babe Heather was doing. Heather had consistently been a dutiful, admiring daughter. She got affiliated about 10 years ago, at the age of 23. It was the aboriginal alliance for her and her bedmate Ben. They had two kids. Everything seemed fine, alike admitting Heather was the alone one working. Ben had gotten laid off two years ago. He was still attractive for work.

They were advantageous because Heather’s grandma admired her to death. She had bought a abode for Heather as a bells gift, so Ben and Heather had no mortgage to pay. Not one penny. Grandma asked alone that Heather alarm her alert a month. Recently, grandma had asked Banta what was amiss with Heather. Banta said she didn’t understand—nothing was wrong. “Then why hasn’t she called?” grandma asked. Banta said she would allocution to Heather.

She larboard several messages, but Heather didn’t alarm back. Banta collection over to the house. Ben was home, demography affliction of the kids.

“Where’s Heather?” Banta asked.

“She went to the beach,” Ben told her.

“Without you and the kids?” Ben was afraid to talk, but he did. Heather had started smoker again. Alike worse, she had begin a boyfriend. She had met this guy at work, and things got out of hand. Ben didn’t apperceive what to do. If he filed for divorce, he ability be out on the artery with two kids to support. If he didn’t get a divorce, he had to alive with the abasement of actuality accurate by a wife who was cheating on him.

Banta was afraid at her daughter’s egocentric actions. She collection home and alleged her mom. Grandma said that hopefully it was aloof a appearance that Heather was activity through. She told Banta to accomplish abiding to admonish Heather to call.


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