Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Dream (1) - short stories

I was complete asleep. My grandfathering appeared in a dream. He asked why I had never visited him and grandma at the cemetery. He said that alike my mom hadn’t visited aback October 4 (grandma’s birthday). He told me that, aback I was young, I had absolved out into a pond and slipped beneath water. He had rescued me. He said grandma was declared to be watching me, but that she had gotten ailing all of a abrupt and was throwing up. It was apparently the beginning blackberries they had best and eaten earlier. Grandma had a bad stomach.

My parents were out on a baiter in the pond. They did not apperceive that grandpa had adored me until they got aback to shore. I was in a anhydrate and my clothes were dehydration on bushes. My amber and white Buster Amber shoes were additionally soaked. I was alone three years old, grandpa said. My parents were affronted at first, but aback they saw that grandma was still activity sick, they forgave her.

Grandpa told me that we had a barbecue afterwards that. The four of us ate some chicken, potato salad, and bootleg cookies. We drank lemonade. Then grandpa took me for a airing in the dupe (I sat on his shoulders). I saw some daisies, and we best them. Aback we returned, I presented three daisies to mom and three to grandma, who was assuredly activity better. Grandpa said to accompany some daisies to the gravesite. Then I woke up.


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