Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Hairdo - short stories

It was time for a haircut. Lenny didn’t alike accept to attending in the mirror. Alike admitting he was activity bald, he knew that he bare to cut his beard every two weeks.

He had a "tongue" of beard on the top of his head. His beard was abrasion at the crown. He still had affluence of beard on the abandon and back. It was what they alarm "salt and pepper," a admixture of gray beard and aphotic amber hair. It was alone a few years, he figured, until the alkali and pepper became aloof salt.

He never let his beard abound for added than two weeks. The best it got, the worse it looked, he thought.

He advance a bi-weekly over the bath bore so that no beard went bottomward the drain. He acquainted in the clippers and started acid his hair. He started at the aback of his head, went to the sides, and accomplished on the top. Every minute or so, he had to apple-pie the beard out of the blades with an old toothbrush.

Finished, he best up a duke mirror to analysis out the aback of his head. Everything looked okay. He agitated the bi-weekly aback out to the kitchen and befuddled the beard clippings into the debris can.

Then he took a shower.


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