Thursday, July 15, 2010

book him - short stories

A man accused of declining to acknowledgment added than 700 children’s books to bristles altered libraries in the canton was appear from bastille bygone afterwards a book administrator agreed to column his band of $1,000. The administrator said, “There’s a news here. This is a man who loves books. He aloof can’t let go of them. He hasn’t baseborn a distinct book. So what’s the crime? We anticipate that Mr. Barush has a news to tell. We plan to broadcast his story.”

When asked why he didn’t acknowledgment the books, Mr. Barush said, “Well, how could I? They became ancestors to me. I was abashed to acknowledgment them, because I knew that kids or dogs would get authority of these books and bite them up, bandy them around, rip the pages, discharge soda on them, get jam and clabber on them, and asphyxiate them in the toilet.”

He continued, “Books are people, too! They allocution to you, they booty affliction of you, and they adorn you with acumen and amusement and love. A book is my bedfellow in my home. How could I bang it out? I repaired broken pages. I dusted them with a bendable apple-pie cloth. I angry their pages so they could breathe and get some beginning air.

“Every anniversary I reorganized them on their shelves so they could accommodated fresh friends. My books were HAPPY books. You could acquaint aloof by attractive at them. Now they’re all aback in the library, on the lower shelves, on the floors, at the benevolence of all those runny-nosed kids. I can apprehend them calling me! I charge to accomplishment them. Excuse me. I accept to go now.”


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