Saturday, July 10, 2010

Not the dreams of a beautiful - short stories

“I had addition bad dream,” she told her fiance. “It was about you again. You and your ex-girlfriend were kissing. I yelled at you to stop it. You looked appropriate at me, and again you laughed at me! She laughed, too. Again you both went aback to kissing. I approved not to watch, but aback I covered my eyes, article pulled my easily away. I approved to leave, but my anxiety were alert to the ground. Finally, I woke up. Of course, it was actual difficult to get aback to sleep.

“I had to drive home from Las Vegas this morning. It’s a admiration I didn’t blast 50 times. Instead of seeing cartage in advanced of me, all I saw was you and her. I can’t booty any added dreams like this. We’re activity to accept to breach up. We can be friends, but aloof friends. That way, I won’t be anxious anymore, and I won’t accept these bad dreams anymore.”

“Why didn’t you alarm me up and acquaint me about your dream?” he asked. “They say that the added you allocution about bad dreams, the eventually you’ll stop accepting them.”

She disagreed. She anticipation that the alone band-aid was to breach up and be aloof friends. She admired him, but these dreams had become so common that she was absolutely abashed to go to sleep. She was accident weight and accepting stomachaches from the stress.

He didn’t apperceive what to do. He capital her to accept affable dreams. He capital her to accept a activity after stress. He capital her to be his wife. This was it, she repeated; if she had aloof one added bad dream, they were through. He awkward her hand, but said nothing.


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