Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Handyman - short stories

The sinks were leaking. David looked in the bounded cardboard and saw an ad for Toby the handyman. David larboard a bulletin on the answering machine. Two canicule later, he alleged again. He told Toby that he had larboard a bulletin two canicule ago. Toby apologized. He said he hadn’t arrested his letters in a brace of days.

David acquainted like blind up. Why was it so adamantine to acquisition a artisan who was responsible? Amenable and clean—many workers were slobs who larboard messes for the homeowner to apple-pie up. Toby doesn’t analysis his machine, David mused. David told Toby that the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry allowance faucets were leaking. Toby said he could appear over on Friday; anniversary faucet would amount $20. If he had to shop for any parts, that would be extra.

David was pleased. Sixty dollars was a abundant price. Of course, if Toby anchored faucets like he arrested his messages, maybe the accord wouldn’t be so good. Then again, it was alone a $60 risk. David asked Toby if a analysis was okay. Toby said no; he alone accustomed cash. David said that was okay, as continued as he got an invoice. Toby said he would be over Friday at 1:00 p.m.

At 3:00 p.m., David larboard a bulletin on Toby’s machine, allurement area he was. At 3:30, Toby showed up. David asked if he had brought an invoice. “Oh, jeez, I forgot. I’m sorry,” Toby said. David befuddled his arch in disbelief. But, back Toby was there, he absitively to let him in. Before Toby absolved into David's house, he wiped his anxiety actual anxiously on the mat. David noticed that. Maybe Toby will assignment out aloof fine, he thought.


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