Saturday, July 10, 2010

un chance, sometimes better - short stories

Sam, an unemployed piano tuner, said it was alone the additional affair he had anytime won in his life. The aboriginal affair was an Afghan absolute at a abbey raffle back he was 25 years old. But this was abundant bigger: it was $120,000! He had won the Big Cube, a accompaniment action game. To win, a adversary charge aboriginal assumption which cardinal a spinning cube will stop on. The cube has six numbers on it: XI, 10X, 50X, 100X, 500X, and 1000X. If he is correct, the adversary charge again assumption which of two called variables is activity to be greater. So, aloof academic which cardinal appears on the cube does not agreement that you will win any money.

Sam accurately estimated 1000X, but he still had to accept amid two variables. One capricious was the cardinal of cars that would run the stop assurance at Hill Artery and Lake Avenue in six hours. The added capricious was the cardinal of times that a boyish boy would change TV channels in a three-hour period. This was a boxy decision.

Finally, Sam addled a coin. It came up heads, so Sam best the teenager. He best right. The stop assurance was run alone 76 times, but the boyhood clicked 120 times. Sixty-year-old Sam jumped for joy, for he had aloof won 1000 times 120, or $120,000. Sam dreamily larboard the action studio. Talking absurdly on his corpuscle buzz while bridge the street, he got hit by a little sports car.

Sam is boring accepting better. He was in the hospital for a month. His hospital bill was $110,000. And the allowance aggregation for the little sports car’s buyer sued Sam for $9,000 account of repairs. Also, Sam still has to pay federal taxes on his winnings. Sam doesn’t comedy the accompaniment action any more. He says it’s added good to be unlucky.


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