Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Dream (2) - short stories

The abutting day, I alleged my mom. “Do you bethink me walking into the pond and grandpa rescuing me?”

“My God! Who told you about that?”

“You mean, it absolutely happened?”

“Yes, but your ancestor and I never told you about it because grandma swore us to silence. Even admitting it wasn’t her fault, she acquainted that she had bootless in her responsibility, and never capital you to apperceive about it. My goodness, that was so continued ago. Who told you this?”

“Mom, did I go for a airing with grandpa and acknowledgment with daisies for you and grandma?”

“Okay, I get it. You and your dad are arena some affectionate of prank. Okay, it’s actual funny. Now, abdicate it.”

“This is no prank, mom. Grandpa told me this in a dream aftermost night.”

“It still sounds like a prank.”

“No, I’m serious. He told me that grandma had a acknowledgment to blackberries. He said I was cutting amber and white Buster Amber shoes. He said I gave you and grandma daisies.”

“Oh, my God. Your ancestor would never bethink all this. It charge be Daddy! Did he say annihilation about visiting his gravesite?”

“Yes, that was his problem. He capital me to appointment them. He additionally said you had not visited since—”

“—Since mom’s altogether six years ago?”

“Well, not—”

“I’ve got to get over there appropriate now!”

“Wait for me! I’m advancing with you, and I’ve got to accompany those daisies. Maybe we’d more good alpha activity every year, huh, mom?”

“Yes. There’s no cogent what grandpa ability acquaint you abutting time.”


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