Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Bird Attacks - short stories

Heather admired the abandon of aerial aerial aloft the acreage and sea. She abstruse how to hang-glide from her boyfriend.

Initially, she was afraid to death. The aboriginal time he took her up, she afraid on for baby life. But by the end of that flight, she was hooked. Half a year later, she bought her own hang-glider.

Almost every weekend, she collection to Torrey Pines and leaped off the cliff. She could arise to La Jolla in beneath than bristles minutes. She admired to fly over the town. She would beachcomber at kids pointing and attractive up at her, and they would bark and beachcomber aback excitedly.

One day she was abiding to the barrage armpit back she noticed a red militarist rapidly abutting her. It briefly disappeared. Then she heard its claws ripping the wing’s fabric. It flew off. But the abutting affair she knew, it was aerial beeline at her. She angry out of its way, but it affable at her again. She was scared.

She had to balk its attacks four times afore she was able to acreage safely. Even afterwards she landed, it circled overhead, as if adventuresome her to fly again. What did I do to you, she wondered.

As she collection home, she begin out that she had been lucky. The radio account appear that in Australia, a hang-glider had been attacked by not one, but two, eagles.

Maybe it was article in the air, Heather thought.


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