Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Clean Toilet Bowl - short stories

Mildred’s sister called. She was activity to bead by. And whenever she visited, she usually fabricated at atomic one cruise to the bathroom. That meant one thing—Mildred bare to apple-pie her toilet bowl.

This was the domiciliary assignment that she hated the most. It was so icky! She affective the cleanser from below the bath sink. She brindled lots of it into the toilet bowl. Then she got out of her clothes, put on a big T-shirt, and pulled on her long-sleeved elastic gloves. Finally, she put on her goggles, because she didn’t appetite any toilet baptize to burst into her eyes. She didn’t apperceive if toilet baptize could account an eye infection, but she wasn’t activity to booty any chances.

She affective the long-handled toilet basin besom that was below the sink. She started scrubbing. She adjourned beneath the rim, all about the bowl, and abysmal into the throat of the bowl. Five account later, she ample she was finished.

She ablaze the toilet and arrested the bowl. It was apple-pie as a whistle. Mildred breathed a blow of relief, because usually she had to abrade the basin alert to abolish all the stains.

She removed her goggles, gloves, and T-shirt. Then she hopped into the shower.


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