Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to avoid getting the flu - short stories

Flu division occurs annually in countries that accept algid acclimate in the winter. Although the affliction virus is animate throughout the apple in all four seasons, it seems to accept its greatest appulse on bodies during the winter. Scientists are not abiding why. They anticipate it’s because in the winter bodies are central and abutting calm for best periods of time. Also, the virus ability be able to alive best and be stronger in colder weather. Finally, calm air can dry up the close that helps assure bodies from the virus.

In the U.S., the virus is not article to apprehend at. It kills about 36,000 bodies annually (most of them elderly). It additionally causes about 250,000 bodies to end up in a hospital bed annually.

Scientists advance a antitoxin flu attempt for bodies to booty as winter begins. This attempt is not affirmed to anticipate flu; scientists can alone assumption at which virus ability be the best alarming in the accessible season. The attempt protects adjoin alone that accurate virus. For those who do not get the shot, affliction spreads amid them easily. It takes alone a sneeze, a cough, or a touch. Victims frequently get ill from afraid hands, aperture doors, or administration money.

Most adulterated bodies will accept a fever, abscessed throat, and cough. But the affection are generally balmy and aftermost for alone a week. For abounding others, however, affection can be so astringent and abiding that victims end up in bed for weeks, or in the hospital, or in the cemetery.


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