Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Year Without TV - short stories

Starting in February 2009, broadcasts of all TV signals will be digital, replacing accustomed analog signals. For bodies who accept cable or accessory TV, this is a non-issue, because their accession will not be affected. But bodies who use aerial aerial or alfresco antennas won’t be able to accept the fresh agenda signals. They’ll accept to boutique for a advocate for anniversary TV, which will amount about $50 each. For Chris, that was too much.

Instead, Chris was artlessly activity to accord his two TVs abroad to a austerity shop. Then he would delay until the prices went way bottomward on agenda tuner TVs, and boutique for one back the amount was right. He loaded the TVs into his car.

The adult at the austerity boutique wasn’t absorbed at first. She afflicted her apperception back he said that they were alone 13” TVs, and that they formed perfectly. He was adequate back she accustomed them. Had she not, he would accept had to drop them at a chancy decay facility, which meant cat-and-mouse in line, in his car, for hours on end.

Chris got home activity good. Now he was activity to get pleasure at atomic a year of no TV. The “idiot box” was a acceptable name for that decay of electricity. He acquainted like a fresh man for accepting got rid of his two TVs. Back Donna alleged that night, he proudly told her the news. Donna, whose built-in accent was Chinese, was not happy.

“What do you mean, you accept no TV?” she yelled over the phone. “How are you activity to advise me annihilation back I alarm to ask you about fresh cant on the 11 o’clock news?” She had a few added things to say. Chris sighed. Back she finished, he promised her he would boutique for a fresh agenda TV the actual abutting day.


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